Update Released

Update Released

Install MediaFire on Windows PC for Free


New Features:

  • An improved “Upload” experience that makes it easier to select and upload multiple files
  • A new “Share” button that makes it easier to share files with others
  • A new “Settings” menu that provides access to account settings and support
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Other changes include the ability to share files directly from the app via email, WhatsApp and other apps, as well as support for the new iPad Pro.

Fixes in this update include a number of crashes and bugs, as well as an issue with the in-app browser that was causing some websites to load incorrectly.

Finally, there are a few new features, such as the ability to see how much storage space you have left in your MediaFire account, and the ability to set a passcode to protect the app.

That's all for this update - download it now from the App Store and enjoy the new features!